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Dostojee (Bengali)
Two 8-year old boys navigate a growing religious divide in this portrait of childhood set after the destruction of India's Babri Mosque. [more]

Shonibar Bikel (Bengali)
An unprecedented terrorist attack takes place in a peaceful caf in the center of Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh, on a nice Saturday afternoon. The terrorists use religion to divide and to kill people, while the surviving hostages, all of them also Muslims, try to defend their own humanistic values. The film unravels the clashes and contradictions of religion, ideology, and civilizations through a terror drama shot in a single take. [more]

Made In Chittagong (Bengali)
Jhunku Roy joins Surya Sen's youth-brigade against the British - will he be free? [more]

Projapati (Bengali)
A retired 65-year widower, lives alone as his son, Joy, a wedding planner running his own business, has a very busy schedule. He wishes Joy to be married. Will he be successful? [more]

Subho Bijoya (Bengali)
Subho Bijoya revolves around a Bonedi family situated in North Calcutta. An incident is forced to bring back the estranged family members back to the house. Relationships start to entwine. [more]

Ballavpurer Roopkatha (Bengali)
King Bhupati Ray of Ballabhpur is almost bankrupt. He plans to sell off his dilapidated ancestral mansion to repay his debts. But the ghost of an ancestor decides to play spoilsport. [more]

Damal (Bengali)
During the war of liberation, the 'Independent Bangla Football Team' was formed to create public opinion in favor of independence and to create a fund for the freedom fighters. [more]

Kacher Manush (Bengali)
Kuntol and Sudarshan meet when they are at their lowest. On hearing Kuntol's story, Sudarshan gets a dangerous and illegal idea that can solve both their problems that results in a hide and seek game with life. [more]

Karnasubarner Guptodhon (Bengali)
Starring : Arjun Chakrabarty, Abir Chatterjee, Saurav Das,Director : Dhrubo Banerjee [more]

Poran (Bengali)
Starring : Bidya Sinha Saha Mim, Sariful Razz, Yash RohanDirector : Raihan Rafi [more]

Abhijaan (Bengali)
Starring : Soumitra Chattopadhyay , Jisshu Sengupta, Parambrata Chattopadhyay, Sohini SenguptaDirector : Parambrata Chatterjee [more]

HAWA (Bengali)
Starring : Chanchal Chowdhury, Nazifa Tushi, Sariful Islam Razz, Nasir Uddin Khan, Sumon Anowar, Shohel MondolProducer : Anjan Chowdhury Pintu [more]

Aparajito (Bengali)
Starring : Jeetu, Saayoni GhoshDirector : Anik Datta [more]

Byomkesh Hatyamancha (Bengali)
Starring : Abir Chatterjee, Paoli Dam, Arna MukherjeeDirector : Arindam Sil [more]

Golui (Bengali)
Starring : Shakib Khan, Puja Chery, Sucharita, Ali Raj, Azizul Hakim, Somu Chowdhury, JhunaDirector : S A Haque Olike [more]