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Historical Event on 10/10/1995

G. R Khairnar, the high profile suspended Deputy Municipal Commissioner of Bombay, was reinstated.

Other Historical Dates and Events
4/2/1679Aurangzeb reimposed Jizya Tax to finance the spread of Islam on the Hindus.This Jeziya tax was abolished by Akbar.
1/19/1697Maharana Pratap, the founder of Mewad and eminent personality, passed away.
8/17/1958Sir John Hubert Marshal, excavator of Mohan-Jo-Daro and Takshashila, died.
4/10/1931Balasaheb Vikhe Patil, who worked in the region of Sahkar and Education, was born.
1/10/1986Pakistan decides to lift 8-year-old ban on private trade with India.
5/1/1902Tornodo hit Dhaka part of Bengal, claims 416 lives.
12/16/1909Lal Singh Narayan Singh, cricketer (scored 15 & 29 in India's 1st Test match), was born near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
9/24/1726King George empowered the company to establish Municipal Corporation and Mayor s Courts in Bombay and Calcutta.
5/12/1998Yeltsin feels let down by the Indian nuclear tests but says that Indo-Russian ties will not be hit.
4/27/1854First telegram was sent between Mumbai and Pune.