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Historical Event on 10/4/1972

Raman Vijayan, Indian soccer (Football) player, was born in Kandramanikam at Pasumpon, Tamil Nadu.

Other Historical Dates and Events
12/6/2000A.B. Vajpayee, Prime Minister, said, ""The Ayodhya agitation was an 'expression of nationalist feelings' and the ""task has remained unfinished
12/6/2000Amir Timur left Delhi. He took the title 'Emperor of India' and recrossed the Indus on March 11.
2/13/1713Sultan Jahandar Shah was strangled to death. Farrukhsiyar captured the throne of Delhi from Jahandar Shah with the assistance of two Sayyid brothers.
1/1/1918Sir Edwin Lutyens was knighted in recognition of his quality of work at Delhi and his gratuitious services to the War Graves Commission.
10/2/1951Dr. Shyamprasad Mukharjee established Bhartiya JanSangh Party.
10/1/1995Hastimal Firodia, astrologer and industrialist, died.
3/18/1997Indo-Bangladesh friendship treaty, signed 25 years ago, expires.
2/12/1990Assembly election in Manipur.
7/4/1995Rajan Pillai, business tycoon and biscuit king of India, who was convicted by a Singapore court for multi-million dollar fraud, was arrested in New Delhi.
3/17/1769To establish the business of English Mill's Cloth, East Indiian Company had imposed various restriction on weavers of Bengal to destroy the Muslim and textile industry in Bengal , which was meant to destroy the Indian cloth and 'malmal' industry.