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Historical Event on 5/25/1997

In a bid to break the deadlock on naming transport corporation after caste leaders in southern districts, Tamil Nadu Government agrees to create a new bus corporation named after Pulithevan.

Other Historical Dates and Events
5/13/1967Dr. Zakhir Hussain became 3rd President of India. He was the first Muslim President of Indian Union. He held this position till August 24, 1969.
8/12/1979Heavy rains resulted in bursting of a dam thus causing floods in Moorvi and Lilapur in Gujarat, killing over 1,335 people.
7/27/1914Kalpana Dutta, great freedom fighter, was born at Chatgaon. (27th July, 1914).
10/28/1962US pledges to rush arms to India.
12/20/2000The Government accepts the Eleventh Finance Commission recommendation to extend grants to all the States from the Incentive Fund.
2/28/1967General Election ( 4th) of India ends.
9/20/1999Shobha Subrahmanyam, managing director of the Ananda Bazaar Patrika Group of publications, was elected President of the Indian Newspaper Society for 1999-2000.
12/9/1946The first meeting of Constitutional Committee Assembly was held in Parliment after a gap of two years, 11 months and 17 days. The Congress started its work of framing the Indian Constitution. Muslim League boycott failed to prevent Constituent Assembly opening. From 16th August 1946, the country witnessed communal riots on an unprecedented scale. At this crucial juncture, on 20th February 1947, Clement Atlee the British prime minister, fixed June 1948 as a deadline for transfer of power and Lord Mountbatten was appointed as the new Viceroy.
4/17/1977Swatantra Party was merged in Janata Party.
2/23/1962The Cholera Research Centre was established at Calcutta (renamed as the National Institute of Cholera & Enteric Diseases in 1979).