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Historical Event on 5/25/1990

Jag Mohan, J&K Governor, resigns. Girish Chandra Saxena appointed new Governor.

Other Historical Dates and Events
5/25/1990Sultan Mehmood completely destroyed the Temple of Somnath.
5/20/1991A. S. L. V. was launched.
11/6/1910Satakopan Chandilyan Bhashyam, journalist, was born at Tirukkoilur, Madras.
8/16/1901Shripad Ramchandra Tikekar, journalist and critic, was born.
4/3/1992Mahanadi Coalfields Limited (MCL), a subsidiary of Coal India Limited (CIL), was formed.
6/6/2000Abhijit Kunte wins the National `A' chess championship at Mumbai.
7/10/1994Ramrao Raghoba Rane, Paramveer Chakra awardee, died.
6/6/1916Lord Kitchener, the premier soldier of the British Empire, passed away tragically last night as the ''Hampshire'', the cruiser on which he was traveling to Russia to boost sagging morale, struck a mine or was torpedoed off the Orkney Islands and sank, drowning all aboard. Life in London came to a standstill, while Paris and Washington were shocked by the news. In the last half-century, through tireless energy and devotion to imperial duty, Horatio Herbert Kitchener, 66, commanded in Palestine, Cyprus, Egypt, Sudan, South Africa, and India. Two years ago, he had become the War Secretary.
1/15/1958Tamil becomes the official language of Madras.
6/5/1994Shakti Singh at Bangalore sets record for DT in 61.72.