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Historical Event on 5/25/1894

Biharilal Chakravorty, bengali poet, passed away.

Other Historical Dates and Events
4/8/1774Narayan Rao's posthumous son, Madhav Rao, was seen as a challenge to Raghunath Rao only when he was 10 days old.
7/21/1658Aurangzeb celebrated his being the emperor of Mugal Empire at Delhi. He was informally enthroned.
7/15/1987Rajiv Gandhi,Congress President, expels V. C. Shukla, Arif Mohammed Khan and Arun Nehru from Congress for anti-party activities.
4/3/1950Jayprakash Shankarrao Mundada, cabinet Minister of BJP-Shiv Sena alliance, was born.
5/1/1996Motilal Vohra, U.P. Governor, resigns (hawala case).
12/16/1980Fisher Wealthy Hornsinger, an American social worker and who worked for Adult Education in India, passed away.
4/13/1982Pandit Parmanand, founder member of `Gather Party', passed away.
1/10/199627th International Film Festival of India begins in New Delhi.
1/24/19953,400 meter long tunnel at Barcem piercing through the Karmali Ghat in Canacona taluka on the Konkan railway route in Goa completed at an approximate cost of Rs. 50 million.
8/15/1949Chandernagore joins the Indian Union. Panchayati Raj inaugurated in 114,000 villages.