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Historical Event on 5/7/1849

Bethune College of Calcutta was established in the upper class families and it was started for female education.

Other Historical Dates and Events
1/12/1924Gandhiji was operated on for appendicitis in Sassoon Hospital, Pune.
9/24/1992Five selected regional TV channels go national by direct linking to INSAT.
2/4/1628Shahjahan was enthroned and proclaimed emperor at Agra.
12/27/1975372 miners die in a huge blast in Bihar state.
8/7/1982Krishnakanta Radhakant Handique, linguist, educationist, Sanskrit scholar, principal of J.B. College and Padma Bhushan awardee, passed away. He also authored the learned works 'Naisadhacarita', 'Yasastilaka and Indian Culture' etc. His original treatise written in Sanskrit by Somaveda in the 10th century is an encyclopedic work dealing with Jainism and Indian thoughts and culture.
2/24/1867Kedarnath Das, geat physiologist, was born.
7/1/1982MGR inaugurates Tamil Nadu's noon meal programme for poor children.
7/20/1924Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar established Bahishkrit Hitkarni Sabha.
4/29/1954India accepted Tibet as a part of China.
8/1/1995Vohra Panel submits report, highlights nexus between mafia and politicians.