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Historical Event on 4/12/1799

The Church Missionary Society was organized in London under the original name of the Society for Missions in Africa and the East. This Anglican missions agency currently works in fields located in Africa, Ceylon, India, Pakistan, Iran and Palestine.

Other Historical Dates and Events
6/16/1946C. Rajagopalchari became the Governor of West Bengal (1947) in Interim Government.
5/25/1995Voting on the Criminal Law Bill differed again in Rajya Sabha.
9/19/1962Jawaharlal Nehru was devastated when China began attacks on India's northern frontier leading to Indo-China War.
11/30/1909Gandhiji reaches South Africa.
10/18/1993Mandakini Athvale, first child actor of Indian film industry, died.
7/8/1888Fenardish Jyoki Antoniu, Konkani author and journalist, was born.
9/4/1921British govt. sends ultimatum to rebels in India, demanding their surrender within 48 hrs, at Madras.
4/9/1984Captain H.J. Singh of Indian Army crossed the Banihal Darsh with the help of Hand Glider and set a new record.
11/5/1927Lord Irwin, Viceroy of India, met Gandhiji, S.Shriniwas Iyengar and M.A. Ansari Congress leaders at New Delhi.
4/8/1674Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj honoured Hansaji Mohite with the degree of 'Hambirrao' and appointed him as Chief General of his Army.