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Positive Vastu - Positive Living - Positivity within

Contributed by : Neelamber Pant
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Vastu is an ancient Indian science of architecture and buildings which helps in
making a congenial setting or a place to live and work in a most scientific way
taking advantage of the benefits bestowed by nature, its elements and energy
fields for enhanced wealth, health, prosperity and happiness.

The benefits of Good Vastu are many. At the physical level, it provides comfort
and convenience, and a user-friendly environment that is full of space and
light. At the psychological level, because of the aesthetic environment it
creates, there is a feeling of well-being, tensions lessen and relationships
improve. It is truly impossible to live according to perfect Vastu, especially
having House and then turning into Home itself is very difficult because modern
life is very busy, stressful. If you want good VASTU in your home, first know
that it is strongly believed that Vastu which is Science of Structure is a
promise to heaven and prosperity.

Also when Vaastushastra is not followed totally, there can still be some
compromises made, especially when most of us live in urban life. The buildings
are constructed mostly without Vastu concepts, because local building codes
needs to be observed and obeyed. One can still try for good Vastu if people
first devolve the right attitude.

No matter how bad things appear you can always find a positive side and that the
base of Vastu. If the structure is already built and built incorrectly according
to Vastu, you must attempt to purge the negative energies. Keep the area clutter
free. Create a favorable combination of colors. Play good music. Light
sandalwood incense .Mop the floors with sea salt in water. Keeping pets like
dogs fish and horses is very good Vastu. Feeding birds and insects is also
auspicious. It heals our karma and takes away some problems. Plants and trees
need to be nourished and nurtured. Maintaining plants is like maintaining your
life. Create a good Vastu environment by feeding animals from kitchen and
watering plants from your resources. Let's take a look at how you can achieve

For the Seniors

  • Occupy the northeast of your home or your room
  • Sleep with your head to the South. Turn right as you get up

For the working professionals

  • Occupy the south, west or southwest of your home or your room
  • Have your treasury in the north of your room

For the Housewives

  • Have your dressing mirror in the north of your bedroom more to the
    east wall

For the Students

  • If you are a boy, occupy the southeast, east or south (in that
    order) of your home or room
  • If you are a girl, occupy the northwest, west or north (in that
    order) of your home or room
  • While studying orient to the east if you are a girl and to the north
    if you are a boy

Some other Vastu tips are:  
  • Have at least one meal together with all family members
  • Some kind of vocal chant for a minimum of 5 minutes daily
  • Some kind of mirror near dining table reflecting food is believed to it
    double the income

Also know that the south-west (SW) zone is assigned to earth. The earth element
gives stability and determination. This is a good zone for master bedroom. It
gives big positive strength to people in this room. Try these TIPS for good
Vastu, for sure SOME negative energy of your HOME will be gone. Never try over
do big changes for GOOD Vastu. It creates big mess and confusion. Instead, try
changes which are not very bothersome and can easily take shape. Vastu is
holistic in nature and operates at the basic level of human existence. Since
Vastu deals with the micro level existence of body, mind, and intellect, its
tenets, rules and regulations need comprehensive conceptual perception. Any
divisive analytical efforts to diagnose its dimensions only leads to futility
and confusion.


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