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Looking for a joyful companion

Evanston , IL

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Are you in my future?

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Looking for a lasting relationship

plano , TX

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Looking for good friends to explore places near bay area

Mountain View , CA

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Respect every women like princess

Bellevue , WA

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Looking for a happy, healthy relationship that leeds to marriage

Ft Lauderdale , FL

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Looking for partner must speak Punjabi or Urdu

Clearwater , MN


Los Angeles , CA

Coffee snob

San antonio , TX


Boston,MA , MA


Atlanta , GA

IT Finance

Jersey City , NJ

West meets East

Bloomfield Hills , MI

Based in SJ

Mountain View , CA

I am behind you

Owings Mills , MD


Louisiville , KY


Simi Valley , CA

Bellevue , WA


Lynnwood , WA

IT Nerd

Vadodara , CA

You look lovely

San Francisco , CA


Troy , AL

los angeles , CA

Just tospend time

Wood land hills , CA


redmond , WA


Seattle , WA

A friendship forever

Rollinghills estates , CA

Live the Life

los angeles , CA

Be a reason to smile ...

San Mateo, foster city , CA

Hang outs?

Arlington Heights , IL

san hose , CA

san francisco , CA