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Please note Vanabhojanalu & Bonalu occurred in past.

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Vanabhojanalu & Bonalu

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Vanabhojanalu & Bonalu by Telangana Development Forum in Farmington

Telangana Development Forum (TDF) - Detroit Chapter, a non-profit organization cordially invites you to participate in the Vanabhojanalu, Bonalu and Telangana State Formation 4th Anniversary Celebrations.

This is an effort to provide you the immense joy in collectively celebrating our popular Telangana Vanabhojanalu tradition with your families and friends.
There are lot of activities planned for kids and adults (To name a few: Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, Water Balloons, Lemon On The Spoon/ Blind Fold Race, Musical Chairs, Antakshari, etc.). The winners will be awarded trophies.
Volunteers will be cooking authentic dishes at the park to truly experience Vanabhojanam and share our flavors with all. Let's have lots of fun by cooking, eating and playing together!

Please come and participate in this event.

Your specialty dish to share with others
Picnic chairs/ mats
Outdoor sport items

The park has over 120+ parking lots on 3 different sides (First on Shiawassee Road (main), Second on Shiawassee & Power Road intersection, and the third on Power Road)

Your participation, cooperation and support will be greatly appreciated!


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Event Information: Vanabhojanalu & Bonalu by Telangana Development Forum

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Vanabhojanalu & Bonalu Occured in past

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This event occured in past


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